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stylish minimalistic hand made genuine leather bag
ERIKAHOC Water Resistant Leather Mini Bag

ERIKAHOC Water Resistant Leather Mini Bag

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A day (or even evening) erikahoc bag for those, who appreciate simplicity, freedom and believe that even the smallest details can make or break a look.

This mini top grain leather bag only fits your daily essentials (a phone, some cash, a card and your favourite pair of sunglasses), but can also be worn with a backpack or some other bag of your choice. The Mini Bag also includes an elegant skinny leather strap, which can be adjusted by tying it into a knot, and decorative wooden details which vary from bag to bag. Specify while ordering with a comment or let be surprised.

Designed by erikahoc

Fabric: Top grain water resistant cattle leather, wood

Measurements: 21 x 16 cm

Max strap length: 130 cm