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I can not describe in words how much I love COS clothing. Every time I enter the shop, from that very moment my walking speed drops to zero. I stop at each section touching (no kidding) almost each cloth and checking every detail of it. It doesn’t even matter if I know I would never dare to wear it, that special attraction to touch each and every item is mysterious. My husband knows whenever we are in Berlin, Oslo or Brussels, he needs to give me that one (little) hour for my ‘date with COS’. But he does not mind it as long as he sees sparkling eyes and happiness on my face after I come back.

COS is a clothing brand of architectural silhouettes which surprisingly for architectural clothing does not make it look too weird or unwearable. On the contrary – COS clothes look rather romantic and feminine. And yet its secret lies in one little trick – you look like an upper middle-class fashionista having spent a bunch of money on what you wear. But you actually haven’t. The average price for COS dress is around 70-80 euros. You can get a top for 25, shirts for 40, trousers for 50 euros. And the quality you get is amazing. COS uses a lot of natural materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, viscose. Not only fabrics are amazing but the colours as well. Even black looks better than usual black :). The red, the navy blue, pink or yellow – they are not the typical ones we are used to. They catch your eye the moment you see them. Also if you like oversized stuff, it is the brand for you. The famous oversized shirt dresses are here. Not to forget the oversized coats which - oh my.. if someone let me – I would get them all!


You won’t believe but COS belongs to H&M group - the second largest global clothing retailer, just behind Zara. But this nevertheless does not make it look as it would be a fast-fashion brand. On the contrary – it offers classic style, lasting quality, and timeless design. In fact, COS collections are more or less the same for all seasons, but since they developed the specific modern flavor in their style, it never goes out of fashion. The dresses I bought three years ago still stand out today, so you can buy that one item only, and you will always get attention from the crowd. But the thing is you can barely buy only one COS item because it is impossible to resist getting the other one as well :).

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