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Struggling to find well designed and quality clothing for your toddler? If you are a parent like me, tired of visiting that one and only shop, ZARA, then this is the post for you. Here I present a few kids fashion brands you can purchase online and get delivered straight to your door. Be aware, however, this will be of no interest to big name admirers as these brands focus on anything but mass production.

Let’s admit it once and for all: Children’s wear is a reflection of parents’ taste. Ok, there are those amazing parents who let their children choose whatever they want, but again, it’s usually with parental approval. If you still don’t agree and are that person who allows total freedom in your child’s choices, I bow to you. But those who are working hard to make a child wear dark blue velour instead of a shiny pink tutu dress have an easier way out. The following are fashion brands that are loved by both parents and children.

1. If you are crazy about details and fashion, then MILK & BISCUITS is a shop for you. It is an award-winning premium children’s fashion brand with a basic ethos to create apparel for kids that is cut for comfort whilst creating a modern and distinctive style. There is so much cool stuff for children from 2 to 10. Culottes or oversized coat for a child?! How chic is that!


And this camel wool overcoat for a small girl is actually half price at the moment, so why not get one for the next cold Maltese winter? It is definitely not going to go out of fashion. EVER! Everything in Milk & Biscuits is so detailed—frilly pockets, tassel sleeves, or asymmetrical skirts will catch every hipster’s eye.

2. For artistic souls, BOBO CHOSES will be a revelation. This brand speaks the language of children. But that is how it should be, shouldn’t it? The first and foremost important thing for a child is to PLAY. So why not to do that in style? Bobo Choses concentrates on super comfortable clothing that at the same time looks playful and fun. Just look at these trousers:

Or footwear:

Or just a simple dining plate:

They believe there is a child’s spirit in every adult, so there are cool outfits for women as well:

Combine all these options together, and can’t you just picture some super cool family picnic photoshoot somewhere on the DINGLI cliffs?

3. If you are as much fun and playful as your child, then you should definitely shop MINI RODINI. Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand that for more than 10 years has been surprising their customers by using creative fabrics that instantly raise your mood, just after the first glance. Their humorous and playful fabrics are so fabulous that you tend to click on the “buy” button straight away regardless of their big prices. This is what I call a super brand: no matter how much it costs, you just must have it! With a combination of excellent quality and quirky design, Mini Rodini creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear.

4. There are also those pragmatic dudes who want their clothing to be functional. And as usual, here is where the main clashes between parents and children pop up, because most of this clothing is…boring. This might surprise you, but you can actually fight bad weather in style. POLARN O. PYRET is the brand to look at for this. They apply an innovative layering principle to keep your child warm but not overheated. It works because of the magic fabrics POLARN O. PYRET uses for their clothing.

Due to the inner layer of their clothing, which is wool or polyester, your child stays warm and dry, even when they’re perspiring. The middle layer has good breathability that retains heat at the same time as it releases moisture. And the outer layer just simply keeps the body warm and dry in all kinds of weather. Whenever the weather changes, you can skip one or two layers. And what makes it all so miraculous is that even wearing these three layers, your child feels super light and comfortable, and ready to play. My sis lives in Norway where cold and wind are everyday companions, and all (I mean it—ALL) Norwegians apply this three-layer principle to their clothing. Believe it or not, most of the children at school wear exactly POLARN O. PYRET’s products. Isn’t it the proof we should all get at least one item from this awesome store?


So here you go, ladies and gentlemen, you can now find the balance between your child’s choices and your taste in clothing by adding some good quality, playful, and sometimes even crazy looking clothing to your little one’s closet.


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